Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Hi-Low Skirt As Seen On...

One of the most loved items in our store is the hi-low skirt, which has been  featured in several sites. Here are two of our wonderful bloggers, Mayo and Chai, wearing it. Check them out at their blogs too, they have pretty amazing styles!

{ Left: Chai, Right: Mayo}

Monday, September 24, 2012

Traditional Chinese Dresses

Chi-Pao Chinese dresses are now available at our store! See below three of the five styles that we have. Each of them has different personalities indeed, but they all are designed beautifully with the most refined materials. 

Feather Lace Mandarin Top }

{ Retro Chinese Style Chi-Pao Dress }

{ Plum Blossoms Mandarin Dress }

Friday, September 14, 2012

Breanne's Fall Favorites

One of our favorite bloggers, Breanne has picked some of her fall must haves at AsianiCandy store. This Polka Dot Capri is one of the highlights of this collection, which I personally love. You can get it in khaki or red.  It gives a relaxed but not too casual look on different outfits.

College Polka Dot Capri }

Another favorite is this satchel. It is also a good item to carry for school for a British retro look, and if you get bored of your old backpack.

{ Academy Satchel }

Check out Breanne’s post here, and visit our store for more fall items!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Leather Jacket- A Must-have in the Fall Wardrobe

Want a new best friend for fall? How about this leather Jacket? This cropped Motto Jacket has been a favorite in several blogs so join the trend and see some outfits inspiration below from beloved bloggers!

{ Anastasia }

{ Lina }

{ Anastasia }

Friday, September 7, 2012

Charming Vintage Inspired Back-to-school Outfit Ideas

School has now officially started! yay! I hope you are excited as much as we are to try new outfits this school year!  We are happy to present to you some back to school look ideas based on the vintage and Barbie doll style. Enjoy!

See the entire collection here!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Asian iCandy is so awesome :)

We just celebrated AiC's 5 year anniversary the past month. Thank you - our friends and customers! We have been growing so much. If you are still new to us, below would help you getting to know us more!

Our style
Asian iCandy is proud to carry unique Indie clothing and accessories from Asia. We are one place of variant styles from Asian folk inspired Bohemian to Japanese Kawaii to Vintage inspired style and trendy street fashion. We just love good designs! Working directly with designers/artists allows us to have many independent labels and lovely handmade items. We also offer a good amount of affordable products in store since we understand you don't have to spend a lot to look cute! We are your sweetest source of unique & cultural influenced fashion!

Our community
We are beloved by many fashion bloggers, also featured here, which are our darlings. We welcome you to join our keeping growing global community and discover with us the wonderful world of indie fashion from Asia through our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogspot or Newsletter Subscription.

Customer service
We care about each and every one of our customers, that is why we offer easy return option if you do not like what you receive. You have the choice to return the product to the US or the China office. See return details here. We also make sure that any email to us will generally be answered within 24 hrs except weekends/holidays.

Shipping is worldwide! We offer air mail shipping at $9.99, for about 4 wks delivery from order, and $19.99 express shipping, for around 2 wks delivery from order. We try hard to ship your order as fast as we can, but after all, it's international mail from the other hemisphere: China.

Come and experience with us! Your first order now is 20% off with the code "firstorder"!*

Get to know us more here and see what other customers have said!.