Friday, August 17, 2012

Blogger Spotlight- Ashlei from Faltering Bird

For this week’s blogger spotlight, meet Ashlei from Faltering Bird. Check out her wonderful blog to see some cool fashion ideas! She picked up three of her favorite items from AsianiCandy and made below gorgeous outfit we love:

{ faltering bird maxi dress } farmers sandals }  { embroidered elephant bag }

 Hi Ashlei! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?
My name is Ashlei Louise, and I am a fashion blogger blogging out of Portland, Oregon, USA. I've lived in the Pacific Nortwest my whole life, and I love going on adventures with my boyfriend & best friends! My blog is geared towards nature & fun loving individuals who also have a love affair with fashion!

 How do you decide an outfit inspired from music? Do you have any favorite Japanese musicians?
A lot of my outfits are based on the emotions I feel when listening to certain songs. For example, here is an outfit that I picked out based around a song. The title of the look is about a famous American song about a huge iconic music festival, so, I tried to wear something I could have imagined someone wearing at that festival! And yes, I actually do love a lot of Japanese musicians! Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts and Scoobie Do to name a few! I also really link MINMI!!

Your photos are taken beautifully! Where do you usually take them?
Thank you so much for the compliment! My photos are taken at a local city park on the outskirts of town, where people go climbing and hiking. Nearly every time my boyfriend and I go to take photos, we climb the mountain to get to the top, and take pictures there!

{ farmers sandals }

{ embroidered elephant bag }

This season, we have highlighted the folk lookbook at AsianiCandy, what is your favorite piece in the collection? Can you give us some tips on how to wear Asian folk items and still be stylish? 
I think this item has to be my favourite from that collection, I would pair it with really tall cowboy boots, high waisted denim shorts, an off white top, and a lot of retro and Asian inspired jewelry!

What are your favorite things to do beside blogging?
I like drawing, hanging out with my friends, hiking, and playing with my kitten!!

What can’t you go out of the house without?
Pore Putty by SANA powder foundation! If I don't have it to touch myself up, I
think I'd go nuts!

To get Ashlei's look, pick up her favorite {Faltering bird maxi dress} here. She said it was a perfect outfit with the {farmers sandal} and {elephant bagfor a party at her friends house. How would you wear this dress?


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beautiful photos. & dress.

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