Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer lookbook - Folk edition

For the Asian folk and indie fashion lovers out there, it is time to unleash your free spirit style to the maximum. This season, we love embroidered style, flowy maxi dresses and the different patterned bags. Check out the lookbook below

Here are some of our favorite pieces from this collection. The first piece is an embroidered traditional Chinese dress paired with a fabulous pair of booties. The second one is a peony print maxi dress; we love the print and the feel-the-wind-in-your-hair sensation it brings. 

{ Embroidered Peony Curved Dress }
Blooming Peony Dress }
 Auspiscious Clouds Clutch  (bottom left) Morning Mist Dress (right) 

Folk dresses are just as great when they are worn by themselves as when they are paired with other stylish items. Some ideas on how you can wear your folk items this season below:

·         Pair the folk embroidered dress with a vintage jean jacket, nice brown platform wedges and a vintage purse
·         If you want to go all the way with the folk style, try out the blooming peony maxi dress with a beaded sandal  like the model above,  add up this outfit with an hair piece and this embroidered leather satchel 
·         On a lazy day, pair up a Chinese ink birdshirt with  some shorts, a pair of sneakers or pretty flats and you are good to go!

So rock on with your favorite folk item and you will be ready to run through those tall grass fields! Or not. 

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