Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be the buyer :: Artka new design

plum blossom mini

tea time short jacket

Here we share 2 new designs from Artka. What do you think? Should we carry these 2 items in our store?


Kimberly Rae said...

YES I think they are super cute!!!

Tokgabi said...

Wow, these are very nicely made items. Immediately they made me think of designs from Anthropologie, but come on. Obviously better made with better care. I think marketing to people who love the Anthropologie franchise would really boost sales and invite in a very large buyer demographic. As for myself, I really hope to be shopping soon, within the next few months when I have money again. College sure is a money suck.

Tokgabi said...

Oh, I also had a question about the handpainted Plum Blossom Shirt by zenplum: will this be up on your site for a while still? I would really love to buy it, but I just haven't the money at the moment.

Thank you!
Sasha ^_^

asian icandy store said...

Thanks for your comments, girls! Sasha, We just checked with zenplum and they have around 7 left for each hope you will get one when you are ready. :)

Daiana Espíndola said...


Lauren said...

The skirt looks too diy for me. I like the coat a lot more.