Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Kawaii Style

For those who like to be on the sweeter side of things, fall is here for you to try out tons of Kawaii Pieces. Express yourself with cute mini skirts and lovely ruffle dresses this season. And don't forget to include charming accessories like these  Hello Kitty Earrings

( Easy Fit England Long Shirt }

{ Plaid Shirt with Lace Stitching }

{ Lavender Back Button Top with Collar }

( Lace Ruffle Blue Skirt }

{ England Country Style Wool Coat }

{ Navy Plaid Windbreaker with Ruffle, Retro Double Breasted  Red Woolen Skirt }

{Cute Doll Teal Woolen Dress,  Wooden Heel Oxford Boots }

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