Friday, November 16, 2012

One day in Lijiang, China

Today we will take you to the wonderful city of Lilijiang. This small city in the Yunnan Province of China and has more than 800 years in its history. The city’s charm is seen in a combination of natural landscapes and old palaces, which continue to attract visitors from all other the world every day. Let’s explore some of the most gorgeous places in Lilijiang with the brand 1%.

{ Lilijiang, China }
Old Town: The city has been able to maintain its ancient charm, with its houses made with brick and elegant carved woods that reflects the architecture of the Naxi culture.The Baisha Old town had been the center of the southern silk road or the tea horse road 400 years ago. 

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Landscape: The village displays a gorgeous natural landscape of mountains and rivers. There are tons of thing to do in the outdoors, many tourists do activities such as hiking, riding bikes, or floating Styrofoam boats along the rivers.

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Coffee Break: There are several independent restaurants, coffee places and bakeries to choose from in Lijiang. What a wonderful way to spend the rest of the day relaxing and having a cup of coffee with family and friends after a long day in the city!

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It looks beautiful there! And the outfits are too cute!

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Thank you!